Uncivilized Restrictions Cannot Be Placed On Anyone: Nawaz Sharif

Former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said “Big Chaos” heading Pakistan in near future, therefore supremacy of the law and constitution, votes of the masses should be given due respect.
Talking with the newsmen during appearance in the avenfield reference case, Nawaz Sharif said bans over expressing, media and newspapers should end now, such decisions are only being taken in Pakistan. He added how masses can be deprived from hearing speech of their leader?
He said that uncivilized restrictions cannot be placed on anyone in the country.
“The world has changed and so should we. Old mistakes should not be repeated,” he said.
Referring to the Lahore High Court’s Monday verdict banning ‘anti-judiciary’ speeches by Nawaz and others, the former premier said the court should make clear what ‘anti-judiciary’ means.We cannot restrict someone from speaking,” he said, adding that he wanted everyone to go along together.
“Elected governments made historic decisions, including the atomic tests which were completely conducted by the civilian government,” claimed Nawaz.
The three-time prime minister said he does not regret moving on. “We moved on did but not compromise. The other side should have moved on too,” he asserted, terming unfortunate the dharnas (sit-ins) carried out in the country against his government.