Cannot fix judicial system alone, CJP appeals to bar members in Peshawar

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar acknowledged on Thursday the gigantic task of reforming the judiciary, saying, “I cannot fix the system alone”.
He made the remarks while addressing an event at the bar association after conducting a hearing of several public interest issues at the Supreme Court Peshawar registry. 
Addressing judges and lawyers, the chief justice remarked that dispensation of justice should be measured, adding that those who submit a genuine apology should be forgiven.
“It is the duty of judges to dispense justice,” he said, adding that,the judiciary must react to complaints that justice is being delayed across the country.
He appealed for equal contribution from bar members towards his struggle to reform the judiciary and dispense swift justice. 
Chief Justice Nisar stated that fundamental changes are needed to fix the system, explaining that, “I cannot make a law, I can only implement it.”
Moreover, he said that if judicial reforms are not on the state’s agenda then he is not responsible for it, asserting that the apex court is not responsible for amending laws of 1861 and 1872.
Justice (retd) Dost Mohammad Khan
Earlier, the chief justice praised former Supreme Court Justice Dost Mohammad Khan, who retired on March 19 and commands respect in the province having remained the Peshawar High Court chief justice. 
Chief Justice expressed displeasure at the bar members’ claims that Justice Dost was not given a full court reference, as is custom, on his retirement due to a ‘conspiracy’. 
He then explained the various instances when the senior judges attempted to give him a proper farewell but Justice Dost refused continuously for personal reasons.
Chief Justice Nisar then stated that the Pashtun are very close to his heart and he could never carry any hidden agenda against them.