Exemption granted to Khan everyday but not to Nawaz, criticizes Mariam Aurangzeb

State Minister for Information Mariam Aurangzeb said on Monday that exemption is granted to Imran Khan everyday but Nawaz don’t receive it to visit ailing wife.
Speaking to journalists outside accountability court, she criticized that this action is a clear violation of basic human rights.
“The ‘ladla’ who attacked the parliament gets exemption everyday however; Nawaz Sharif who appears before the court on daily basis is not granted a single exemption to visit his ailing wife. What is this if not the violation of basic human rights,” she said.
She asserted that record of the person whose corruption is famous in the entire world goes missing from NAB. “All the accusation leveled against Nawaz Sharif by Wajid Zia have been proven wrong,” the minister pronounced.
Marriyum maintained that whenever Nawaz Shari goes out of the country, the opposition rejoices that maybe he will never return now but all their hopes fade with time.