National Savings bring Special People under its social safety net

Central Directorate of National Savings(CDNS) in its landmark initiative to bring the people with disabilities under their social safety net and is extending their specialized National Savings Scheme of Bahbood Savings Certificate to all special people, enabling them to invest in secure products with preferential rates from the market.
The scheme was previously meant for senior citizens and widows only which is a formidable vehicle for financial inclusion and a provider of social security to the vulnerable sections of the society.
The social welfare products of National Savings remain largely insensitive to the interest rates and a very large number of investors of National Savings lives off and meet their ends through the return on their investments in these social welfare schemes.
These schemes also have the unique feature of automatic increase in profit rates, if the existing investments are earning lower rates. The downward revision in profit rates are, in any case, protected for the investors. 
Government being well aware of the importance of this protect, therefore included the people with disabilities in this scheme to provide them a decent/valuable amount of profit every month to live in the society with respect and dignity, which shows Government’s un-wavered commitment towards the deserving sections of the society.
All individuals holding National Identity Cards with disability logo and special minors through guardians will be eligible to invest in this scheme. This facility will be available on all 376 National Savings Centers across the country from Monday,