Nawaz, Shehbaz Agree To Meet Estranged PML-N Leaders

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday called on the party’s supreme leader and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to discuss interim government and political developments in the country in respect of party preparations for upcoming polls in 2018.
The meeting between the two leaders and brothers was held at Jati Umra, residence of Nawaz Sharif, where they discussed the political situation and further activating party structure and expediting the election campaign for the upcoming polls.
The two leaders also agreed upon meeting the estranged PML-N leaders and address their reservations in order to win them back in the party before the next general elections.The meeting is considered an important huddle of top PML-N leaders after PTI chairman Imran Khan yesterday said that news of a big wicket falling in the political arena will be heard soon.
Speaking to reporters in Lahore, Khan said that he would not respond to the query in detail and dodged a reporter who asked him whether he was talking about Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) stalwart Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.e said that after April 29, the PTI flood would take the shape of Tsunami plus. “One tsunami will be seen by the public and the other by PTI,” Khan said.
Reports are also rife that the PTI chairman had either won PPP stalwart Aitezaz Ahsan or PML-N’s Chaudhry Nisar for his party, in view of his statement pertaining to big wicket.
However, Ahsan denied joining the party today while Shehbaz Sharif, who is considered close to Nisar had also denied Nisar would jump PML-N ship.