Karachi heatwave: Temperature to soar to 43°C on May 3

The sweltering heat in the metropolis has no plans to lessen anytime soon. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the mercury in Karachi is expected to soar to 43°C on May 3 (tomorrow).
The maximum temperature is forecast to hover in the 41-43°C range on May 3, Thursday, with humidity levels touching 65-75% in morning and 25-35% in evening, said the Met Office.
On May 4, Friday, the mercury is expected to reach up to 40-42°C (maximum), with humidity levels at 50-60% in the morning and 20-30% in the evening.
Today, the temperature was recorded to be 36-38°C (maximum) and 26.5°C (minimum), with humidity at 70-80% in the morning.
According to the Met, a westerly wave causing rains is expected to enter into Punjab from Thursday. With it, a system of north-westerly winds is also predicted to enter into the country, due to which the ocean breeze will be disrupted, hence resulting in the temperature increase. 
To beat the heat and avoid the dangers of heatstroke, it’s important to stay hydrated at all times and avoid the sun as far as possible. If you are outside, try to keep your head covered against the sun and carry a water bottle with you.