Karachi temperature expected to soar to 43 degrees Celsius: Met office

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said on Thursday that the temperature in Karachi is expected to rise to a sweltering 43 degrees Celsius.
Met office also fears that the sea winds will stop blowing in the city. The authorities have placed water coolers at various spots to facilitate the public.
The Karachiites have asked the government to set up maximum heatstroke camps in the city.
Doctors have also advised the public to keep themselves safe from scorching sunlight and drink plenty of water. They have also suggested the people to wear light colour clothes.
Moreover, the doctors recommend that people should prevent drinking contagious beverages from the vendors.
Karachi witnessed the deadliest heatwave three years ago, the one that Pakistan had seen in over 50 years.
The scorching heat spell begun on June 19 that year and continued for more than five days. It left at least 1200 people dead while 40,000 suffered heatstroke and exhaustion.