PPP can never become ‘party of Muhajirs’, says Afaq Ahmed

Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi chief Afaq Ahmed said on Sunday that the Pakistan Peoples Party can never become ‘a party of Muhajirs’.
“It is in the party structure of PPP to spread ethnic hate,” the party leader said in a rally at Liaquatabad flyover. “They changed the name of Karachi Building Control Authority to Sindh Building Control Authority due to their bias.”
Ahmed paid tribute to the martyrs of the city who ‘laid down their lives for the protection of Urdu in the country’.
The Haqiqi chief said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has started to express concern for Karachi when the elections are just around the corner.  
“Noone said anything when people were mercilessly killed in the city,” the senior politican said.  
Ahmed demanded the provincial authorities to change the name of District Central to Liaquatabad. 
“Why can’t those who have enjoyed power for 35 years were not able to finish Quota system. Now even if its abolish now it won’t benefit the Muhajirs,” he said.
Earlier, MQM-Pakistan held a rally at the Liaquatabad’s Tanki Ground on Saturday. The rally by both the factions of the party was held in response to the Pakistan Peoples Party’s gathering at the same venue on April 30.
The MQM-P leaders in their address accused the PPP of having held a rally at the same venue last week by capturing the streets of Liaquatabad.
“Hold rallies everywhere, we will run you off from there,” Khawaja Izhar said at the rally.
Addressing the participants, Dr Farooq Sattar said the party had “challenged us in our homes”.
Criticising the PPP, Sattar said the people of Sindh were trapped in a vicious “wheel of cruelty”. “It is not just the Muhajirs, or the Urdu-speaking. It is the people of Sindh, everyone is trapped in this wheel of cruelty and [quota system].”
He added that “seeds of hate” were sowed against the people of Sindh. “The defeated [labourers] are still living the life they were living decades ago,” he said, and called on the masses to reject the feudal system and the landlords.
Sattar said that despite the hardships and differences, MQM-P vote bank remained the same.
“No matter the hardships, struggles, differences, our vote bank and our support base will stay the same. MQM-P vote bank was one yesterday, and it is one today,” he asserted.