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Polling Turn Out Remained At 50% : Labanese Minister

Lebanon elections in nearly a decade saw proportional representation of 50% turnout, Interior Minister said.
Lebanese voted in their first general election for nine years, with the Tehran-backed Hezbollah group and its allies expecting to emerge stronger, a result that would affirm Iran’s regional ascendancy from its own borders to the Mediterranean.Saad al-Hariri, the incumbent prime minister, is the front-runner to keep his job and form a new coalition government after an election seen as vital to Lebanon’s economic stability, but his Future Movement was widely expected to lose seats.
For many younger Lebanese, Sunday brought a first chance to vote in a national election after parliament twice extended a term that expired in 2013, but Interior Ministry figures from early in the day suggested turnout would be low.President Michel Aoun appeared on television late in the afternoon to urge people to vote. Voting ended at 7 PM to all except those already waiting in polling stations.