Issues between Pakistan, US are resolvable: Aizaz

Pakistan Ambassador to the United States Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said that the differences between Pakistan and the US are resolvable.
The Chaudhry’s remarks come a day after Pakistan imposed travel restrictions on US diplomats as retaliation to US barring diplomats working at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington from travelling outside of a 25-mile radius around the city without approval. US restrictions will affect 250 people affiliated with Pakistan’s embassy.
While speaking to media about Pakistan’s move, Chaudhry remarked that it is a ‘good step’, adding that the mechanism will work as a 24-hour hotline to report any inquiries or issues others might have.
“[US] will have to accept this as it is the only way to solve the issue. Is there any other way? We have to stay in contact. Problems could only be solved through staying in contact,” he remarked. Pakistan and US are trying to resolve this issue, he added.
Restrictions on US diplomatsOn Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs unveiled a set of changes in the government’s dealing with US diplomats in the country through a notification.
The foreign office (FO) said American diplomats will have to take prior permission to travel — something which was earlier done only in special cases —, will not be afforded the luxury of ‘fast-track’ luggage clearance at airports, will not be allowed to have more than one passport and will stay in the country strictly as per their visa date.
Moreover, the FO said the diplomats will not be allowed to use tinted glass on their vehicles, which was allowed as a protection measure, and diplomatic licence plates on unauthorised vehicles. Additionally, non-diplomatic number plates given to conceal diplomatic status for protection will also be taken back.
Similarly, all mobile phones used by US diplomats will be biometrically verified while they will have to obtain a government no-objection certificate to shift and use rented houses and to install radio communication at their residences or safehouses.