US Jet Reaches Noor Khan Airbase to Take-Back Colonel Joseph

A jet has arrived at Noor Khan Airbase to take-back American Ambassador, Colonel Joseph, who crushed motorcyclist to death in Islamabad, said sources.
According to the sources, Jet has arrived at Noor Khan Airbase from Afghanistan, Federal Investigation Agency(FIA) waiting for the green signal from the high ups, said sources.Sources have said that Colonel Joseph has reached Noor Khan Airbase aimed tight security, whereas no American staff is present at the base.
Yesterday, the Islamabad High Court ruled that the United States Defence and Air Attache Colonel Emanual Joseph does not have absolute immunity.
The court also granted two weeks to the Ministry of Interior Affairs to decide over placing his name on the Exit Control List (ECL).The decision was announced as the IHC read out its earlier reserved verdict over the killing of a Islamabad resident, Ateeq Baig, after he was hit by a vehicle driven by Joseph last month.
During a hearing on the petition filed by the deceased’s father, the court ruled that Joseph does not enjoy absolute immunity.
Earlier, it was said that the US diplomat was let go by police officials in Islamabad as the law Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961 provided the diplomat immunity from criminal prosecution.The ministry had earlier blacklisted Joseph and submitted a report to the court in this regard.
In a recent development over the case, one of Joseph’s security officials, was also arrested on the orders of AIG Islamabad Asmatullah Junejo.
The security official, Taimur, was arrested for obstructing a police official from performing his duty.Arrest orders were also issued for all other officials involved in helping Joseph flee from the police station, a source said.
The diplomat’s vehicle ran a red light and rammed into a motorcycle in the federal capital on April 7, killing Baig on the spot and injuring another. The diplomat was let go by police after registration of a case.