Politics to alter ‘regional map’ underway: Aitzaz Ahsan

Senior Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) leader Aitzaz Ahsan on Tuesday stated that a public opinion was being erected by [world powers] in bid to initiate stern actions against Pakistan.
Ahsan asserted that Nawaz Sharif had been taken good care of for aforementioned purpose.
Commenting on rapid changes in South Asia, Ahsan claimed that efforts were being underway to change the regional map. “Trump, UK, China, Modi and Nawaz Sharif have joined ranks to practice this politics”, claimed Ahsan.
He further added that the aliens to whom Nawaz Sharif was referring in his speeches were not present in Pakistan. “Foreign alien power has eyes on Pakistani nukes. Key decisions will be taken pertaining to region’s future after arrival of Trump and Modi”, warned Ahsan.