Party Stand Firm With Nawaz Sharif: Rana Sanaullah

The Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah claimed that the identification of involvement of non-state actors in state affairs did not tantamount to clash with anyone, however, all the party leadership firmly stand with Nawaz Sharif.
Talking to media outside the Punjab Assembly, the provincial law minister said that Indian media unnecessarily twisted Nawaz Sharif statement and in response, the Pakistani politicians have used the same tune against Nawaz Sharif.
“The opponents are fear from Nawaz Sharif increasing popularity, therefore they are using the statement for political point scoring, ” he said.
Mentioning corruption in Sindh, Sanaullah said that if Muzaffar Tappi could get clean chit than who was corrupt in the country, he demanded chairman NAB action against corruption in Sindh.
He admitted chairman NAB was trying to solve the issue in NAB, however several black sheep still in his lower team.Responding to civil society banners he said, “Everyone knows where do the civil society run and such kind of things should be stopped as it is causing damage the country’s name.”