NAB does not believe in vindictive or biased policy, Javed Iqbal

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Javed Iqbal on Friday said that the anti-graft body does not believe in any vindictive action or discriminatory policy.
Addressing a ceremony here, Justice (retd) Iqbal emphasised that NAB is a state institution and not something that has been imposed from outside. The power enjoyed by the institution are granted by the legislative, he added.
“NAB is your own institution,” he said.The NAB chairman said that the bureau believes in the principle to carry out everything as per the law and ensure nothing is extra-judicial.
“NAB will not allow corruption to flourish. We’ve made the decision,” he said.
The anti-graft body came under severe criticism for ordering to initiate a probe against alleged money laundering against former premier Nawaz Sharif based on certain media reports—which were debunked as false.
He has also been summoned by the National Assembly’s Standing Committee for Law and Justice on May 22 appear before the committee over the matter.