PTI To Make South Punjab Separate Province: Qureshi

While presenting Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) agenda for first 100 days in office, Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that they will south Punjab a separate province, if their party elected to power.
“We also intent to carve out a new province for the southern region in Punjab,” he said, adding that “time has come to address the prevailing sense of deprivation in South Punjab.”
“We want to bring marginalised people back into the mainstream.” “Southern Punjab; a province of 4 crores. Today this province is marginalised and there is no devolution of power there. We still sit with power in the hands of a few. It is time to remove this feeling of deprivation in Southern Punjab.”
“This area is even bigger than the current province of KP and we want to empower it with the rights it deserves.”Qureshi said Balochistan is also the future of Pakistan and a fundamental of the CPEC project. ” Those who have raised arms against the state because of grievances and deprivation, we will not marginalise them further, rather bring them back into the mainstream.
The PTI leader said that his government would heal the wounds of Balochistan. “Promises had been made about Balochistan but they were not kept,” he regretted.“We will champion reconciliation in Balochistan and empower the government to launch large-scale efforts for political reconciliation under Imran Khan’s leadership.”
About Karachi, he said the PTI intends to crack down on ‘Qabza mafia’ in the metropolis. “The first priority will be to restore peace and stability in Karachi, and carry out developments.”
The PTI government will provide a complete transport system in Karachi. “We will bring an empowered local government system in Karachi.”He said that PTI would strengthen the federation by devolving power to provinces.
Qureshi said that FATA ‘s merger into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was Imran Khan’s top priority.”FATA reforms is a life old dream of Imran Khan who has roamed the areas on foot. To bring prosperity to the people of these areas who have been deprived for decades.“The miseries of the people of FATA are evident for all the country to see. We will remove and abolish the oppressive system. We will launch a mega-development plan with involvement from the federal government. ”
“Right now it is only the government of KP that has even thought of the people of FATA. We will engage all provinces to bring them into the mainstream and repeal the FCR with new laws in place after consultation with locals.
“Through a constitutional route we want to extend the jurisdiction of our courts; it’s been 1.5 years but this government has not even set in place one foundation stone for a legal structure in FATA.” We will create employment opportunities for the people in FATA.