Purpose of 100-day plan to change policies: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said on Sunday that the purpose of the party presenting a 100-day plan is to change pre-existing policies.
The PTI chairman was addressing a ceremony, where he presented details of the 100-day plan in case his party comes into power.
Imran said that this time around his party is better prepared for elections than 2013.
He said that for the first time, the PTI has prepared for elections in such a manner, adding that in the last elections the party was busy conducting intra-party polls.
The PTI chief said the purpose of the plan is to depoliticise the bureaucracy.
Imran Khan further said that his party wants to make Pakistan a welfare state.
Earlier in the ceremony, the PTI leaders spoke to the gathering and revealed details of the plan.
The 100-day plan presents the idea of generating 10 million jobs within five years. It also aims to give complete autonomy to Southern Punjab.
According to the Prime Minister Housing Scheme under the plan, five million houses will be built.