No deaths from heatwave in Karachi, authorities claim

The city has been gripped with severe heat since the past week, with reports claim there have been dozens of deaths due to the heatwave.
Director Health Karachi Dr Tahir Aziz categorically denied a statement by the Edhi Foundation that 65 people were killed by the heatwave whose bodies it says it has received.
No deaths have been reported so far at any hospital of Karachi due to heatstroke, Aziz added.
He also claimed that the department has no information about people who died or their death certificates. Edhi mortuary authorities failed to provide any details of the affectees, he claimed.
Medical Superintendents of Jinnah has also denied deaths due to heat waves in their respective hospitals.
Spokesman of Sindh Health Department Dr Zafar Mehdi said that all the medicines and necessary items have been provided all the hospitals. Hospitals reported over 20 peoples affected by the heatwave in different hospitals but were released after medical treatment.
Edhi Foundation said it has not received any more bodies than the earlier reported 65 death bodies. He also said that they have no way of knowing details of the deceased and the only information they have is that provided by the families.
The heatwave gripping the country’s industrial hub is expected to continue tormenting citizens today as well.
Red alerts from the meteorological department have also been issued while the health department of Sindh has imposed emergency and made special wards for heatwave affectees in all provincial and KMC hospitals.