PPP got rid of environment of fear in Karachi: Murad Ali Shah

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Tuesday said the Pakistan Peoples Party-led government in the province changed the environment of fear in Karachi.
“We removed fear from the hearts of the people of the metropolis,” Shah said while speaking during a Sindh Assembly session.
Stating that Karachi was gripped by fear five years ago, Shah said, “There were no events or programmes in Karachi and people used to be scared to step out of their houses. But we [Pakistan Peoples Party] got rid this environment of fear.”
The Sindh chief minister further said, “Devils used to live in Karachi but we got rid of them also.”
Taking a hit at the opposition, the Sindh chief minister said, “You should be ashamed. Anyone who does speeches without verifying information should be ashamed.”
Shah’s comments come a week before the tenure of the incumbent government completes on the night of May 28, after which a caretaker government will take over to hold the 2018 general election.