PTI ‘pre-planned’ slapping incident to provoke me, claims Aziz

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Leader Daniyal Aziz remarked that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has been pre-planning against him in order for him to retaliate while referring to the slapping incident on private channel
Speaking to media outside the accountability court on Wednesday, he said that he said no such thing which warranted such a response from the PTI leader.
Aziz further remarked that there is a hidden agenda behind PTI’s 100 day plan, adding that the plan is to destroy the country.
He further added that when pointed out members of PTI get startled and lose control of the situation.
The PML-N leader further added the sudden of loss of situation points to only one thing and that is that the support that the PTI had is no longer with them and they know that, which is why there is a lot of inner-party fighting in PTI.
Moreover, the minister added, that the PTI is itself responsible for destroying the organisation from within.
According to Aziz, PTI will suffer in the upcoming elections because they have been collecting people left and right for their political party, which will be their downfall in the elections later this year.