Proud of struggle to get corrupt PM convicted for laundering money, says Imran

PTI Chief Imran Khan on Thursday said he was proud of his struggle to bring a ‘corrupt individual’ to justice.
The politician was addressing a National Assembly session after the bill for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Federally Administered Tribal Areas merger was passed. He congratulated members of the house for passing the bill that cleared the way of the KP-FATA merger.
“I am proud to have brought to justice a corrupt prime minister for money laundering,” he told NA members in attendance of the session.
The government benches recorded their protest through crosstalk during Imran’s speech. After Speaker Ayaz Sadiq warned the members against crosstalking, the PTI chief continued with his speech.
“Listen to me, have the courage to listen to me,” requested Imran.
He questioned the house’s members how their conscience had allowed them to defend a man who had admitted that the country’s money had been sent abroad. Imran, who was apparently referring to deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif, continued to say that it was the responsibility of the public’s representatives to protect their rights.
“We are the public’s representatives and as a democrat, it was my right to take a stand for the nation.”
He continued to say that protesting through sit-ins was his party’s political right.
“A member of the National Assembly had said to me, koi sharam hoti hai koi haya hoti hai [there is some shame, some embarrassment] but he is nowhere to be found in the house today,” the PTI chief said, referring to former foreign minister Khawaja Asif who was disqualified from office in a recent decision of the Islamabad High Court.
Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi expressed regret at the former’s speech.
“The house had displayed national unity today and it was not the day to say hateful things today,” Abbasi said. “The speech delivered earlier today was regrettable.”
He further observed that it was not ethical to call anyone a money laundrer. “There is no room for unethical jibes in politics,” noted Abbasi.