Not ashamed of slapping Daniyal Aziz, says Naeem-ul-Haque

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Naeem-ul-Haque on Friday has said that he is not ashamed of slapping Minister for Privatisation Daniyal Aziz.
In a statement, Naeem-ul-Haque said that PTI Chief Imran Khan has also praised his act.
Earlier, Daniyal Aziz deemed PTI as a party without moral courage in response to the slapping incident on TV a few days back.
Daniyal Aziz said that he stands by his words of calling them thieves because Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen stole public money through tax evasion and amnesty.
He decried the slapping incident and no action against Naeem-ul-Haq by the party, saying that they all lack moral courage to admit mistake and apologize.
It is to be mentioned here that Naeemul Haque lost his cool during a TV show of private channel and slapped Aziz while arguing with him. The PTI leader became infuriated over his remarks and slapped him.