Singh terms Jadhav’s appointment as RAW’s biggest failure

Amarjit Singh Dulat—former special director of the India’s Intelligence Bureau and former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing—termed fielding in-service RAW officer Kulbhushan Jadhav as worst mistake in his book The Spy Chronicles.
Dulat goes on to say that “if this were a RAW operation and he was a RAW spy, then it’s a pretty sloppy operation.”
Dulat says the entire episode of Jadhav was mismanaged by both countries.
“It could have been kept quiet. In fact, it could have been used for goodwill. The NSA dialogues we keep hearing about, all General Janjua (current Pakistan NSA) had to do was call Ajit Doval up and say, we’ve got your guy but don’t worry. He’ll be taken care of. In due course you tell us what to do with him…but that’s how good the ISI is, it put him straight on TV! Like we did during Kargil war, when we made public that intercept between General Musharraf and General Aziz.”
In another chapter, Dulat continues the conversation on Jadhav and says it should be easier to get Jadhav out of Pakistan than it would be to get him out of a more friendly country like the US.