PPP leaders say only Parliament can approve amendments to nomination papers

Pakistan Peoples Party leaders on Saturday said any amendments to the nomination papers of candidates should only be made by the Parliament.
In its verdict on Friday, Lahore High Court (LHC) nullified the nomination papers, which would be submitted by candidates from General Elections 2018, ruling that they did not seek necessary information and declarations such as details on educational background, criminal record or if they are dual nationals. The court had ordered Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to again add the requirements of Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution in the nomination papers.
A press conference was held in Karachi earlier today where senior PPP leaders including Sherry Rehman and Khursheed Shah spoke to journalists.
The PPP leaders stressed that ‘no objectionable changes’ had been made to the nomination papers.
“ECP does not have the mandate to bring any changes to the nomination papers, which were passed through an Act of the Parliament that had consensus [by opposition and government],” Shah said, adding that any required changes could only be made by approaching the Parliament.
Sherry noted that LHC’s decision had affected the election schedule. She said that all political parties, including PPP, want the polls to be held on time.