some system pushing for delay in elections: Aitzaz

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader and sanetor Aitzaz Ahsan said that it seems system is trying to delay elections however,there party stances that election should be on time.
Speaking at a press conference here, Ahsan, however, said that his party wished for timely conduct of polls.
He said the Islamabad High Court had declared delimitation of multiple constituencies null and void and now the election commission would approach the court on the issue.
He said that if from the beginning delimitations has happened then protest would also happened.
Ahtazaz Ahsan said that due to the present situation anxiety has been created in PPP, exchange of ideas been done in detail by sitting on the present situation.
Ahsan also said the Balochistan Assembly hastily adopted a resolution seeking one-month delay in elections, on another side there is a letter of Chief Minister of Khaber Pakhtunkhawah (KPK).
On the occasion party leader Farhat Ullah Baber said, we do not know who wants to postponed elections, election commission would tell us.
They said that we would take decision after meeting of election commission.
They said after the resolution of Baluchistan Assembly, election commission has not given any statement.
Sherry Rehman said that parliament responsible to make law and amendments  we do not want any confrantation.