Will Not Allow Opponent to Escape From Election” Maryam

The leader of PML-N and daughter of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz challenged opponent saying that his party will not allow them to flee from the election as they were searching hideouts to hide.
Addressing workers convention in Islamabad, Maryam Said, “There is no other political party against PML-N in next election as the “Lion” is present each place, however, where are the opponents no one is in the picture.”
She alleged that the opponents have used each kind of unfair means to defeat N-League, they dragged its leaders in court, dragged his daughter in court, however, did not get any success and finally they started making lame excuses to get escape from the election.
“The PML-N workers have shown their strong power form GT Road rally to Lodhran by-poll, in which N-League candidate was grabbed the seat from PTI,” she said.
She claimed that Nawaz Sharif came out in by raising the flag of respect of the people as he was not only leading PML-N but fighting the war of people’s right and sanctity of the vote.