CJP should visit lower courts to get rid of ‘black sheep’ within, Shahid Afridi

Former Pakistan all-rounder and T20 skipper Shahid Afridi on Wednesday commended Chief Justice Saqib Nisar for taking a stand on issues of public welfare but suggested that there was a need for introspection within the institution of judiciary headed by the top judge.
The star all-rounder took to Twitter to congratulate the chief justice for doing a “remarkable job”, saying his surprise visits to public facilities such as hospitals and colleges “have been of great service to the nation”.Afridi suggested in the same breath, however, that Justice Nisar should also take out time to visit lower courts “so that he can fix the black sheep [sic] within as well”.
 Want to congratulate the Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar for commendable & remarkable job. His surprise visits have been of great service to nation however I wld like to suggest tht If he can also take out time to visit lower courts so tht he can fix the blacksheeps within as-well
— Shahid Afridi (@SAfridiOfficial) June 6, 2018
The apex court, under its 2018 agenda, is focusing on human rights issues, particularly those relating to the people’s right to quality education and healthcare. However, this course of action is also being seen as an overstepping of boundaries, similar to the Iftikhar Chaudhry era.
The chief justice has stood by the court’s actions, reiterating that such criticism will not deter him from exercising what he considers is his “constitutional right”.
He stressed earlier this year that he is fighting against social menace as he resolved to struggle to provide basic necessities to the people of the country.
“I want to ensure supply of clean drinking water, clean environment, pure milk, hygienic meat, etc, and I wish that the farmers get a reasonable price for their crops,” the CJP said at the time.