Those who commit murder, violate constitution are not reprimanded: Nawaz

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supreme leader Nawaz Sharif on Friday while criticizing former president Pervez Musharraf said that how can he be provided guarantee by the apex court.
In an informal conversation with journalists outside accountability court, Nawaz maintained, “Everything is becoming superior to law. My intellect cannot understand that how a guarantee can be provided to Musharraf.”
“Where is Nawaz Sharif in all this? Where did article 6 and all those cases go? Here I am on this side and on the other end is treason case. Even then Musharraf has received unconditional permission to contest elections,” the former premier objected.
“I was disqualified for life. I am referring to yesterday’s statement of Chief Justice. No harm will come to the person who commits murder, violates constitution and wreaks havoc only if the CJP intends so,” lashed out Nawaz.
The PML-N supreme leader lamented that he asked for three-day exemption from hearing to visit his ailing wife in London but his plea wasn’t approved by the court.
He went on to say that Musharraf is nominated in Bugti murder case, house arresting judges, May 12 incident and violating constitution.
“We should be told under which constitution Musharraf has been allowed to take part in general elections. How can a person be above the law and constitution? People like me are shocked over this,” remarked Nawaz.
“Will Musharraf return after the court orders?” asked a journalist. “I do not speculate,” replied the former premier.