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Damage survey results – 2 strong Tornadoes

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for Laramie and Albany County Wednesday with two damaging twisters now confirmed.
The main and massive tornado tracked north of Laramie with a rating of EF3 and winds up to 240 km/h. A second brief, but intense satellite tornado also occurred in the Antelope Ridge sub division and has been rated as an EF2. Both of these ratings are ranked as “strong” on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.
Storm spotters in the area say the main twister was on the ground for about one hour. “Tornado north of Laramie is still on the ground,” tweeted the NWS Wednesday night. “As picturesque as it may look, we ask that you take shelter now. No picture is worth getting hurt.”
Twitter erupted shortly after with jaw-dropping footage of the massive tornado, (see below, WOW!) and luckily, no injuries have been reported. According to the NWS, damage to some structures, power lines and fences did occur.
“Numerous wooden power poles were snapped along County Road 121, along with several galvanized steel utility poles which were bent 90 degrees at the base,” says the NWS. “Grass was scoured out of the ground in a wide swath approximately one third of a mile in width near the intersection of County Road 121 and Cattle Drive.”