We Have Capability To Generate 28,000MW Electricity: Ministers

Interim federal ministers on Tuesday claimed four reasons have come forth for frequent load-shedding in the country.
“We have the capability to generate 28,000MW of electricity,” the caretaker federal ministers said while addressing the media in Islamabad.While we have the capability to generate electricity we are unable to do so owing to four reasons,” Ali Zafar said who has been given portfolio of the Ministry of Law and Justice as well as Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and ministry of information in the interim cabinet.
“The four reasons are electricity production falling short of demand, technical faults, water shortage and transmission losses,” Zafar explained.
He added, “If there is water in dams and all power plants are running to their full capacity then we can produce 28,00MW of electricity.”
“The demand for electricity is a lot more than supply,” he asserted.