Our jihad against corruption and malpractices :Chairman NAB

NAB headquarters threatened to be blown with explosives, accountability chief says
National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman retired Justice Javed Iqbal on Monday said the watchdog had received threats that the NAB headquarters would be blown with explosives,reported.
The NAB chief, during a visit to the bureau’s office in Lahore, asserted that NAB officials were not afraid of anyone and would perform their duties with dedication.
He said the threats were received after the bureau initiated investigations in mega corruption scandals.
“Our jihad against corruption and malpractices will continue,” he said.
During the visit, Justice Javed Iqbal was briefed about NAB Lahore’s performance. He lauded the bureau’s performance saying it recovered Rs18 billion from corrupt elements and returned it to the affectees.
After Javed Iqbal took charge in October last year, NAB has filed 101 references out of the 179 mega corruption cases registered with the watchdog.