Teefa in Trouble has made over 14 crores in its first week

Teefa in Trouble has racked up earnings of Rs14.26 crores in its first week of running, confirms the film’s distributor Nadeem Mandviwalla. Rs9.86 crores were earned domestically and Rs4.4 crores internationally.
This is the “[highest] and unprecedented figure for Pakistani films on a non holiday week”, according to Mandviwala who attributes the film’s box office success to excellent marketing.
Teefa is the best promoted film of the last 10 years. With a great teaser followed by a very exciting trailer and then followed by beautiful songs.
The digital campaign of the film has been excellent.
Proper time was given to all the promotional material to create the excitement in the public.”
We can’t ignore the fact in this that it was Ali Zafar’s first production in Pakistan and generally everyone was waiting to see its outcome.”
Mandviwala doesn’t believe that protests against the film or its main star affected its earnings in any way, but it’s had other challenges.
“The biggest challenge was to open the film in the most troubled week of the year, i.e., the election week,” says Mandviwala.