LHC withholds notification for Imran’s victory in NA-131

Lahore High Court withheld on Saturday the notification for PTI chief Imran Khan’s victory from NA-131, accepting PML-N leader Khawaja Saad Rafique’s plea for vote recount in the constituency.
Earlier in the day, the high court reserved the verdict on Saad Rafique’s plea over the seat that was won by Imran.
While speaking to the media at Lahore High Court, Saad Rafique said the recently held polls were “selection not election”.
The PML-N leader also criticised Imran’s statements over vote recount, saying the latter would support revoting on the media but was speaking against it in the court.
Saad Rafique challenged his opponent, Imran’s, victory in the closely contested NA-131 Lahore 9 constituency. The former railways minister alleged that the presiding officer deliberately rejected hundreds of votes.
In his application, the PML-N leader demanded a recount of the votes from the said constituency. Until the votes are recounted, the results from the constituency should not be announced, he requested.
Prior to the election, Saad Rafique had said Imran will lose badly against him in Lahore.
“The well-educated, sincere and patriotic voters are with us. The people of the constituency will not vote for a political stranger,” he had said.
He mocked PTI, saying the party failed to gather even 200 people at the initiation of the election campaign.
“Imran’s political campaign inauguration failed not only in Lahore, but Mianwali and Islamabad as well,” according to Saad Rafique.