Artists expecting solid steps for their welfare in new govt

Artists’ community expressed the hope that the new government will take solid steps for their welfare after assuming power.
Folk singer Laila Jutti said that an artist works day and night to entertain people and promote the cultural heritage of the country.
She expressed the hope that the contribution of an artist should be acknowledged and recognized at government level.Fazal Jutt another artist urged the concerned authorities to establish a proper institution
for those artists who are remarkably talented but unable to come forward due to lack of resources so that their self-respect is not compromised.
Waqar Azeem another artist said that artists play crucial role in paving the ways for progressive thinking and enlightenment.
PTI leader Raja Khurram Nawaz told APP that PTI government will establish vibrant community centres at the district level, where exhibitions, road shows, literary events and workshops can take place.
He said that PTI government will also create scholarships and fellowships for artists to promote Pakistan’s image in varsities across the world.
“We will revitalize Pakistan’s National Council of Arts and create art and culture exchange partnerships with international Art Councils and bodies to provide international exposure to local artists” he said.