Interior Ministry Refuses to Accept Akram Sheikh Resignation

Interior Ministry has refused to accept resignation of Akram Sheikh, prosecution team head in Musharraf treason case.
According to details, a letter from Interior Ministry has been posted to Akram Sheikh, which states that due to change of government, more time is needed to accept the resignation. It is said in the letter that if Akram Sheikh is not present for any due reasons, any responsible law officer can be given charge for the hearing of case.
Earlier on July 31 (Monday), Senior lawyer Akram Sheikh tendered his resignation as head of the prosecution team. Akram Sheikh had sent his resignation to Secretary Interior Yousaf Naseem Khokhar.He stated that since he was appointed as head of the prosecution team by the previous government, it was not appropriate for him to continue as the new government was going to take over soon.
Akram Sheikh said that the newly-elected government may choose to continue with the prosecution of the case and appoint a counsel of its own liking.Earlier on March 17, special court issued a written order against Pervez Musharraf, warned him of dire consequences upon failure to appear before the court.