Musharraf will appear before court if provided president level security: lawyer

A special court in Islamabad on Monday summoned interior secretary on August 29 for explanation after former president Pervez Musharraf failed to appear despite issuance of arrest warrants against him.
A two-member bench headed by Justice Yawar Ali heard the case.
Musharraf’s lawyer Akhtar Shah adopted stance that his client faces life threat and was attacked during hearing of Akbar Bugti case in Islamabad.
He asserted that Musharraf will appear before the court if president level security is provided to him.
The court expressed resentment over prosecutor Akram Sheikh’s bahaviour and asked, “Why he did not submit plea if wanted to leave the case?”
“The interior secretary should explain it personally to court why Musharraf did not appear before court despite issuance of arrest warrants,” the judge remarked.
The court added that argument will be held over the legal statement of section 342 and whether trial can be initiated without recording statement.