Eid-ul-Azha: Angered people flock back to offices despite day 3

It will not be wrong to say that people really enjoyed the true festivities and blessings of Eid on the first two days. Most people, after getting free from the animal sacrificial duties, made their way to homes of family and friends to celebrate Eid collectively. Some even fulfilled their tummies and souls by having specially prepared homemade delicious barbecued meat.

However, would come to an end a day earlier than expected. It is true that the government of Pakistan announced only three holidays this year with people making their way back to offices on the third day of Eid. The interesting thing to note here is that a fair share of people sacrifice their animals on the third day of Eid because of their otherwise busy schedules.
For such people, the true essence of Eid has been greatly disturbed since now they offered the sacrifice earlier, against their traditions and norms.

Apart from this, students also had to suffer from the government’s decision since all their holiday plans were disturbed and now they have to get up in the wee hours of the morning and go to schools and colleges a day earlier.
The decision has not only angered and agitated the common people but has also forced them into asking the question “Isn’t Eid comprised of three days?”
The angered people have had a lot to say regarding the government’s decision to cut short the public holiday, but voicing their opinions cannot rectify the fact that everyone has to immediately return to their normal routines starting today.
The noteworthy thing is that the government took the decision of granting only three holidays, one for the day of Hajj and the other two for the first two days Eid, in order to avoid a significantly long stint of holidays. If the government had announced holiday on Friday as well, most people would have taken Saturday off with Sunday already a day off.
This would have meant that most people would have stayed home for six whole days; something that was simply unacceptable to the new government.
Only time will whether or not the decision to cut short holidays will continue in the months to come. For all we know, this could all be a mere coincidence with days of Eid falling directly in the middle of the week.