Disciplinary committee of Pti hands Imran Shah 0.5m fine

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Karachi’s Disciplinary Committee on Saturday declared its verdict in the inquiry held against MPA Dr Imran Shah for assaulting a Karachi citizen.
The committee announced that Shah will donate Rs500,000 as a ‘fine’ to the Edhi Homes Orphanage Centres and also provide free medical treatment to 20 orthopaedic patients recommended by Edhi Trust.
The committee has also warned Shah that any further misdemeanour on his part will lead to his expulsion from the party.
“No individual has the right to take [the] law in their hands and there is an added responsibility over the people in power to especially make sure that the law is at all times enforced and never abused,” the committee said in its statement.
A video of Shah assaulting a citizen on August 14 had sparked outrage on social media after it went viral.
Shah was caught on video slapping a man identified as Dawood Chauhan multiple times during a heated argument in the middle of a road. The video showed Shah accompanied by armed guards, who also threatened the man.
Subsequently, PTI had taken [notice of the incident][3] and suspended the lawmaker, prompting Shah to post a video in which he sought an open apology for “hurting anyone’s feelings”, and insisting that he had only “pushed” Chauhan, even though the clip circulating on the internet had shown him raising his hand and hitting the man multiple times.