Traffic warden suspended for knocking over motorcycles to clear path for Sheikh Rashid’s protocol

A traffic warden, who knocked over illegally parked motorcycles to clear the path for vehicles part of Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid’s protocol, was suspended on Tuesday.
Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Muhammad Bin Ashraf ordered an inquiry against the warden.
Earlier today, the traffic warden knocked over motorcycles which were illegally parked at Rawalpindi’s Bohar Bazaar.
According to media, as Rashid passed by the area en route to the Lal Haveli, he told the motorcyclists that he is being considerate otherwise he can authorities to pick up all the motorcycles.
Following this, the warden instead of moving the motorcycles to the side started knocking them over.
The warden reportedly told the railways minister that he was knocking over the motorcycles because he was “fed up”.
Meanwhile, residents of the area protested against the warden’s act.