Bushra Imran visits Lahore orphanage in first trip as first lady

The first lady of Pakistan, wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi, visited an orphanage in Lahore on Saturday.
Bushra Bibi was accompanied by her friend, Farah Khan, during her first trip as first lady.
According to Geo News, the wife of PM Imran brought food for the children of the orphanage and will have lunch with them.
The prime minister’s wife also said she will pay for the medical expenses of a child at the orphanage. 
In her first message for the public on August 18, Bushra Bibi said she was more concerned than happy over Imran becoming prime minister.
Bushra Bibi shared PM Imran’s goal is to eradicate poverty and bring reforms in the health and education sectors of Pakistan.