Defence Day : DG ISPR Lauds Media’s Role

Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations , Major General Asif Ghafoor has thanked Pakistani media for highlighting the sacrifices of martyrs for the sake of the motherland.
In a tweet message, the DG ISPR while hailing the Pakistani media said that it had played a key role in informing the nation.
The DG ISPR also shared a video on his official twitter handle ahead of Pakistan’s Defence Day in which prominent anchorpersons can be seen paying tribute to martyrs and expressing love for the country.
In the background of the video, a song filled with gusto and patriotism can also be heard.
Earlier on August 31, ISPR released a new video ahead of Pakistan’s Defence Day to commemorate the services of those who sacrificed their lives to shield the country.
The blurb was shared on the official Twitter handle of DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor who paid accolades to the martyrs of the country terming them ‘the nation’s pride’, before the country observes the Defence and Martyrs Day on September 6th, 2018.
The promo shows combined footage of the country’s all forces putting their lives on the line to protect the nation whereas, in the background, a song filled with gusto and patriotism can be heard.
Earlier this week, Major General Ghafoor had revealed amidst a conference that the country’s martyrs will be honored on the Defence and Martyrs Day adding that “Every martyr of our nation should be visible on [September 6].”??یومِ دفاع و شہداء 2018پاکستانی میڈیا کا شہداء پاکستان کی قربانیوں کو اُجاگر کرنے اور قوم کو آگاہ رکھنے میں کلیدی کردار ہے۔شکریہ پاکستان میڈیا#ہمیں_پیار_ہے_پاکستان_سے— Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor (@OfficialDGISPR) September 2, 2018