Chairman NAB Assures To Continue Tracing Corrupts

Chairman NAB Justice retired Javed Iqbal says a special desk of NAB will be established to resolve grievances of business community.
Addressing businessmen in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said NAB is committed to safeguard the rights of traders.
He said every step of the bureau will be for the betterment of all segments of the society.
Chairman NAB said that National Accountability Bureau to continue tracing the corrupt everywhere in the world.
The NAB chief revealed that those who had motorcycles in 1990s now own towers in Dubai. He also assured to bring back the looted money to Pakistan.
He said that some builders thought they would be able to buy him through bribe. He said private housing societies have caused destitute.
No trader acting fairly is being harassed, he assured.
Earlier, NAB chief said that indiscriminate accountability will be made possible by eradicating corruption and all the causes of domestic destruction.
He told that an inquiry is currently underway against one chief minister (CM) while two more ministers will be brought under justice soon. He said no one should portray negative image of NAB investigations as it is not taking revenge from anyone.
He said main reason of our decline is corruption therefore, now all will be accountable irrespective of their post or hierarchy order.