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Meet the first female newscaster of Saudi Arabia, Weam Al-Dakheel

The change does seem to be occurring in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) as the first female newscaster on public news “Channel One” also known as Saudia TV has assumed her responsibility. Weam Al-Dakheel is the first female anchor who read news with male newscaster Omar Al-Nashwan for the evening shift, 9.30 pm news bulletin. Along with Weam Al-Dakheel, there are other females too who are working in different roles and responsible for the channel.
Before this, the Saudi government has granted permission of driving to women. Saudi women can also drive aeroplane and can work at various public places. They even can take part in various forms of sports including soccer. They can be tour guide. These steps have been taken since the new royal government under the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has assumed responsibility.
Prince’s ‘Vision 2030’ seems to be the major driver behind these changes. Prince really wants to modernize the kingdom, the fact which really was a dream in the past. Giving women freedom to drive, do jobs, take part in sports is the part of this vision which will lead towards modernization.
Overall, it is quite clear and crystal that these changes are for granting more freedom to the women and to build an open and generous view of a country which is considered to be a conservative one in social and political affairs. Women just like any other Muslim country of the world now can enjoy more freedom, the freedom which is indeed normal in other countries including those of Muslim ones. In the time to come, it will have to be seen to what extent prince achieves his targets.