Benefits of garlic water for weight loss

Garlic if you didn’t know, is a miracle food which is recommended by Health professionals and Dietitians all around the world. According to the NHS, recent evidence-based research suggests that garlic might be effective in reducing & preventing: high blood pressure, cholesterol, colds, come cancers and cardiovascular disease.
Hundreds of bloggers, influencers and nutritionists are claiming that Garlic is your miracle food when it comes to weight loss. This is in fact, significantly true. The whole picture of weight loss isn’t about restricting your calories. It’s about eating the correct foods at the right times of the day. Exercise can be incorporated for seeing faster results for weight loss, however weight loss is mainly focused on your diet.
Garlic is a an appetite suppressant. To be specific on this term, when you eat garlic, it reduces the your appetite levels by increasing the brain’s sensitivity to leptin. Leptim is the hormone in your brain which is produced by fat cells which regulate your appetite. Therefore, the lower your leptim levels are, the less hungry you’re going to feel.
So we know that garlic reduces your appetite levels, that’s a fact. Garlic also causes the release of another hormone, which is called norepinephrine. Something that would be amusing to try and pronounce that’s for sure. This stimulant is the hormone in which increases your metabolism.
Putting the two together, this one food decreases your appetite and it speeds up your metabolism. This is why garlic is a miracle food in the weight loss world. To gain the best results from eating garlic, it’s advised to buy raw garlic cloves as they’ve not been through a manufacturing process i.e. into capsules therefore they hold the full benefits. If garlic is something you absolutely detest,  then capsules are available however evidence has not been shown as to how accurate they actually are.
How to use Garlic to Lose Belly Fat!
 3 Garlic Cloves
1 Cup of Water
1 lemon
Now, you might be wondering as to why the lemon is  involved. Lemon when placed in warm or cold water is able to clear the toxins within your body. It’s also proven to clear the skins complexion, be used as a highly effective detox and is able to boost and keep your metabolism humming nicely.
If you chew 3 garlic cloves in the morning, then drink a glass or cup of lemon water, then you’re guaranteed to see changes around your waistline within a matter of days.
The two together are going to increase weight loss, de-bloat you and you’re going to feel lighter and look amazing. For the best results, incorporate this drink into your daily morning routine so that your metabolism can supercharge all day long.
It’s also important to note that this will only show the best results of weight loss if you follow a healthy diet.