Two CDA officials suspended after German envoy’s tweet on Islamabad trash

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Tuesday suspended two officials after the German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler tweeted a picture of garbage in the capital.
Director Sanitation sprung into action and suspended the supervisor and inspector after the tweet by Kobler, who has grown popular on Pakistani twitter sphere due to his mostly positive tweets about the country’s culture and people.
“Saw beautiful scenery while passing through roads on Islamabad but also saw heaps of garbage at various places, like in F7/4 Street 56,” he tweeted in Urdu.

سڑک سے گزرتے ہوے Islamabad# میں جہاں خوبصورت جگہ نظر آتی ہے وہیں جابجا کوڑے کے ڈھیر بھی جیسے کہ F7/4 گلی 56میں۔ ٹھوس کوڑا اس طرح سے ہر جگہ نہیں پھینکا جاسکتا۔یہ ڈینگی اور دیگر مضرِ صحت اثرات کا سبب بنتا ہے! کیا کیا جاسکتا ہے؟
— Martin Kobler (@KoblerinPAK) September 25, 2018
Kobler habitually tweets about his love of the food and culture of Pakistan. He also often tweets in Urdu. The German envoy’s pictures with his wife on a trip to Skardu some months ago and his description of it’s beauty also won hearts of Pakistani twitteratis.