No child has kidnapped from outside school in karachi, DIG South

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) South Javed Alam Odho on Friday refuted reports that children who have gone missing in the metropolis were kidnapped from their schools.
“No child has been kidnapped from outside a school,” the DIG said, during a press conference at his office.
According to Odho, an incident occurred within the remits of Napier police station Hussainpura, where a woman in veil snatched an eight-month-old girl from her mother.
The parents registered a case in the Napier police station, following which the investigation team tracked down a suspect.
DIG South said that the suspect’s name is Abdul Qader and is a resident of Sarjani.
He alleged during investigation that the mother willingly handed over the child and he still has the girl.
Police raided the suspect’s home and recovered the kidnapped girl. Odho said that the investigation revealed that the woman had handed over the child willingly to the man.
He said that the mother did not inform the other members of the family about the issue.
Once again refuting claims of children being kidnapped from schools, he said that the children have been missing for different reasons.
DIG South said that forceful labour, physical tortue, fights and other factors lead to children escaoping from their homes.
He said everal children have been recovered as well. Up till now 126 children have returned to their homes, he added.