Six-year-old’s body found from shopping bag in Hyderabad

The body of a missing six-year-old was found on Thursday night in a shopping bag in Hyderabad.
Six-year-old Arbish had gone missing after she left the house at 4pm yesterday.
The closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, shows a burqa-clad person dumping the body in a shopping bag in a street in Latifabad number 10.
“The body shows no sign of abuse, however, the cause of death can only be confirmed after the post-mortem report,” Kausar Waqar a medico-legal officer at Bhitai Hospital said.
Further, the girl’s father said,” I do not have any enemies.”
“Someone informed me that my daughter has been hit by a motorbike and later her body was found in a shopping bag,” he added.