Manager suspended after dogs found wandering in premises airport 

The manager of new Islamabad airport was suspended after stray dogs were found wandering in the facility’s lounge, according to a spokesperson of Civil Aviation Authority.
The suspension orders were given by the director general of CAA following media reports, the spokesperson said. The director general has also issued orders for inquiry into the matter.
When asked, airport manager Asghar Faheem said he welcomed the inquiry and added that CAA has the authority to take such actions.
According to experts, the entry of stray dogs inside the airport was not a management-related issue, it was rather a breach of security.
The airport has multiple layers of security, including deployment of personnel belonging to Airports Security Force, Rangers and the police. Besides, sirens are also installed that start ringing over the slightest movement.
The management of the new airport in Islamabad has been criticised earlier when passengers were met with a bundle of difficulties soon after the facility became operational.
Passengers had complained of a lack of porters, an absence of a help desk of the CAA, shortage of porters, poor internet connection and a dysfunctional conveyor belt, among several other issues.Moreover, sources had said passengers were forced to sit on the floor in the international lounges.
Sharing her ordeal, British Member of Parliament Naz Shah had taken to Twitter, writing that it took her more than three hours to get her luggage.
She had revealed further that there were many other international passengers who had bee waiting for more than five hours for their luggage.
Quoting the staff, she said the new airport is not equipped and was opened prematurely and termed the whole thing embarrassing.