Mani ‘apologises’ over his controversial #MeToo statement

Mani’s recent post about Tarana Burke sparked controversy. The TV host received severe backlash on a now deleted post about the Me Too founder.
The 42-year-old has now clarified that he isn’t active on social media and his PR usually handle his social accounts.
“I would like to inform all my followers that I am not very much active on social media and was not aware that any such picture is posted on my Instagram. Would like to apologise on behalf of my PR guy who posted it by mistake. Please do help us improve in all aspects of life,” tweeted Mani.
However, the apology didn’t salvage the situation for Mani as he received an equally adverse backlash.
“That is an absolutely stupid excuse. That post just goes on to show the mentality of men like you,” a user commented.
Another one added, “Stereotypical Pakistani men trying to bring down women for speaking up! Disgusting.”
Very few believed his ‘excuse.’
“The excuse you have given is a bit hard to believe. You’re probably trying to put your blame on someone else!,” said another user.
“No one knows you and you don’t even know who’s handling your social media? Wow. That’s cute. Tell me more,” stated one.
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