We are and will remain united on Kashmir issue, Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Shah Memood Qureshi says the entire political leadership and people of the country have one stance on Kashmir issue despite having differences on various issues.
Addressing a seminar on Kashmir Issue in Islamabad on Thursday evening, he said we are and will remain united on Kashmir issue.
The Foreign Minister said Kashmir has been the cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy and the country has been befittingly highlighting the issue at all international fora, including the United Nations.
He said bitterness in Pak-India relations will not end until Kashmir issue is resolved.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi said presence of seven hundred thousand Indian troops in occupied Kashmir, draconian laws in the held territory and special status of occupied Kashmir in India’s constitution prove Indian stance on Kashmir wrong.
He said the Indian forces have been committing worst human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir.