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Taxi driver caught making his rounds while wearing a facial mask

Because of his interest in good facial hygiene, a young taxi driver has won internet fame and been suspended from his job.
One night earlier this week, a passerby in the Zhejiang city of Taizhou photographed the 25-year-old driver sitting behind the wheel of his cab wearing a facial cleansing mask. Quickly, the images went viral on Chinese social media with netizens proclaiming him China’s most “refined” taxi driver, while also worrying that he may be giving little children nightmares.
The photos also caught the eye of local police who tracked down the driver, surnamed Chen, and gave him a stern lecture about the dangers of wearing a facial mask while driving. In response, Chen’s employer suspended him for three days.
In the wake of all this attention, Chen has said that he was indeed surprised to see his masked face circulating all around the Chinese interwebs, explaining that he had started wearing cleansing masks on the job because working the night shift was proving to be hell for his complexion.
Chen revealed that for the last five years he has paid significant attention to taking good care of himself, purchasing 30,000 yuan in skincare products.